Winston-Salem, NC is a Parks Haven

Charming Parks in Winston-Salem, NC

When it comes to parks, the chances are that you will want to visit a town featuring some of the best. Ultimately, Winston-Salem will serve you to many choices for your individualized needs. If you wish to relax, hike, picnic, or do anything in between, you could choose from the following options. Visit this link for more information.

Pilot Mountain State Park

If you’re looking to spend some time outdoors near Winston-Salem, Pilot Mountain State Park is a great choice. Just a half-hour from downtown, you can be in the middle of the park’s 6+ miles of hiking and bridle trails. There are opportunities for rock climbing and rappelling, canoeing, and camping at the 42-site campground. Read about Winston-Salem, NC is a Historic Town here. 

Hanging Rock State Park

Just 30 miles from the city is beautiful Hanging Rock State Park in the Sauratown Mountain Range. Visitors can boat, swim, rock climb, and hike to their hearts’ content. Adventure seekers will like Moore’s Knob, the highest point in the Sauratown Mountains, where they can climb Moore’s Wall.

Historic Bethabara Park

Go back to a different time to see how Winston-Salem would have been around in the old days. The park is known for its gorgeous indigenous species of birds, and bird watching is a popular pastime. As well as admiring the local avian life here, there are flower gardens and hiking trails for visitors to enjoy