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High Point NC Commercial Parking Lot Paving

Businesses in High Point NC can turn to NC Asphalt Paving for parking lot paving, resurfacing, commercial asphalt work and so much more. We provide High Point NC, Raleigh, Concord, Greenville, Fayetteville and countless other cities throughout Central North Carolina with exceptional commercial paving services. We have served the area as a commercial paving company for several years, and along the way we’ve established ourselves as a trustworthy and reliable group of commercial paving contractors. Our precise and analytic approach provides our commercial clientele with the results they’re looking for.

NC Asphalt Paving offers an extensive list of commercial parking lot paving and asphalt work. Our services are ideally for both small and large businesses, and we warmly invite all sized companies to use us for all their asphalt paving needs. Our company is dedicated to delivering a polished finished product no matter what service our clients needs. From asphalt milling and grinding to parking lot seal coating, to parking lot removal we have the tools and skills to produce a satisfactory final product.

If your business requires commercial paving work we would love to hear from you. Please contact us for a free paving estimate for your project or to set up a free estimate with our team.

Commercial Asphalt Services

Our commercial asphalt work includes a wide array of projects.

-New Lots

Laying the foundation for many years of wear and tear is what we do best. We use the best asphalt materials available to create a quality parking lot that lasts. For example, retail office owners require a well paved parking lot to serve their clients in HIgh Point NC. Our commercial paving company provides the tools to get the job done right.

-Lot Expansion

Expanding your parking space? If so, we can help. Our parking lot paving services make this process so much easier. We use asphalt milling and grinding tools that produce a clean finish and free up progress for your project and expansion. Our team will work with your project manager to ensure an on-time finish date and parking lot design that works with your overall design.

-Replace your Lot

There comes a time in every parking lot’s life where replacement is needed. Our parking lot removal services can break up your asphalt and get it ready for refurbishment. We can then replace your previous asphalt with high quality commercial paving. If necessary, we also provide parking lot repair services to patch up any other areas that need to be re-paved.

-Parking Lot and Asphalt Maintenance

Asphalt requires maintenance. Our crew comes in with high quality machinery and tools to keep your parking lot in great condition. We also provide parking lot seal coating and parking lot resurfacing to touch up your lot quickly and efficiently.

If your business requires any of these services, please feel free to contact us today for a free paving estimate from our team.

Working With Us

Clean results and on-time delivery are our mission when you work with us. As your commercial paving contractor we’re committed to getting the job done right the first time. We’ve designed our entire process around that goal.

Step 1. Inspect your base.

A parking lot is only as good as its foundation which is why we thoroughly analyze your foundation to identify any issues like poor gradation, clay or other issues that could damage your parking lot in the future. High Point NC sees its fair share of rainy days so it’s important to ensure the ground underneath your parking lot is stable.

Step 2. We get to work.

We never outsource our projects, so you can choose us with confidence knowing the person you spoke to is the same guy who’ll show up at the job. From asphalt milling and grinding to complete parking lot paving, we can tackle your job from start to finish.

Regardless of the service you choose, we give it our full attention and energy until you are completely satisfied.

Commercial Businesses We Serve

As a commercial paving business in High Point NC, we focus our attention on commercial work. This includes churches, hospitals, schools, retail shopping centers, office buildings and so much more.

We also specialize in assisting subdivisions and neighborhoods in keeping their asphalt in good condition. Whether we’re contacted for asphalt paving, parking lot repair, or simply just fixing a few pot holes in the road leading through the subdivision, we can do it all. It’s important to have a damage free asphalt road. Not only is this important for the quality of the life of those who live there, but also plays an important role in increasing property values.

The same can be said for townhomes and apartment complexes. The quality of the roads directly impacts the renters experience and can even lead to longer tenant stays. We work with your office manager to determine the best plan to improve the parking lot in your complex.

Whether you own an apartment complex or large commercial parking lot, we are happy to provide all the services you need to repair, restore and maintain your asphalt paving. Please reach out to us today for more information and a free estimate for your project.

Max Cunningham, Area Manager

Places of Interest in High Point NC

We’ve enjoyed working in High Point NC as a commercial paving company. This beautiful area is full of surprises. Here are some of our favorite spots in High Point that you might want to visit.

  • World’s Largest Chest of Drawers. If you want to see something odd but pretty incredible, check out this cool spot in High Point. It stands 32 feet high and was erected as a landmark that High Point is indeed the Furniture Capital of the World.
  • All-A-Flutter Butterfly Farm. View butterflies at every stage of their life with this super cool and interactive exhibit.
  • High Point Theatre. On any given night you can take in a comedy show, rock concert or full blown theater production. It’s a great place to take in the arts and entertainment culture of High Point.

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