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Fayetteville NC Commercial Parking Lot Paving

NC Asphalt Paving offers parking lot paving for businesses throughout Fayetteville NC. Our services are also available throughout Concord, Cary, Raleigh, and Durham NC among many other areas. As a commercial paving company, we specialize in providing comprehensive commercial paving for large and small businesses throughout Fayetteville. With extensive experience in the asphalt industry, we understand how to carefully and efficiently execute on our services.

We offer a wide array of commercial asphalt work throughout Fayetteville NC. Our goal is to provide the best parking lot repair, parking lot removal, parking lot sealcoating, and asphalt milling and grinding for businesses, townhomes and apartment complexes, airports and so much more.

Asphalt paving requires experience and a strong commitment to doing the job properly. To stay true to this goal we hire only highly trained and dedicated individuals to join our team. This has served both our company and our clients well.

Regardless if you need your subdivision or neighborhood repaved or could use assistance in completely removing your current parking lot, the NC Asphalt Paving company is here to help.

Commercial Paving Services in Fayetteville NC

We make finding a qualified commercial paving contractor much easier. Our crew uses the industry’s latest and greatest techniques and equipment to guarantee a smooth process from start to finish. At NC Asphalt Paving, we have both the tools and ability to provide commercial paving solutions quickly and efficiently. The materials we use are designed to last a lifetime ensuring your investment is well worth while. With decades of experience under our belts, we can handle any parking lot paving service you require in Fayetteville NC.

Asphalt is the material of choice for parking lots and sidewalks because of its durability. It is also extremely cost effective. Compared to other surface materials, asphalt provides long-term results with minimal maintenance required. As professional commercial paving contractors, we thrive on challenges that others might shy away from. Armed with premium tools, experience, and know-how, we tackle each paving project with your deadline and budget in mind. Here are a few of our premium services.

Parking Lot Services

When potholes start to appear in your parking lot, it’s time for repairs. If left unchecked, potholes can not only bring wear and tear to the vehicles that use your parking lot, but they can also cause structural damage throughout your space. We get to work quickly offering parking lot repairs that benefit your business and property.

We also provide parking lot seal coating to ensure that your parking lot stays it’s best for the long haul. Seal coating protects the surface of your asphalt from succumbing to weak spots and water runoff prematurely. The durability of asphalt is significantly improved when its seal coated. You’ll find this service guarantees the best results.

When you simply need parking lot paving we’ll be there for you. Our crew has paved hundreds of parking lots with exceptional results. We offer a no-hassle, long-lasting, smooth process parking lot paving service that you can rely on.

For construction projects that require asphalt milling and grinding we can assist you. Our parking lot removal service include high quality asphalt milling and grinding that leaves no trace behind. The process is complex, but we have the tools and skills to execute the job.

No matter what type of commercial asphalt work you or your business requires, we’re here to assist. You can contact our team for a free estimate or to determine the cost to pave your property. Reach out to us today to set up an estimate and get your parking lot paved quickly and to the highest standards.

Businesses We Serve

Our crew will work with you to design the best commercial paving solution for your project. Ultimately we want to plan, design and execute the project according to your schedule. Whether you have a new construction project you require assistance with or simply need someone to come in and a few parking lot repairs, we are the right commercial paving business. For more information about the businesses we work with, please continue reading.


We consistently work for airports to provide exceptional paving services that guarantee well paved runways. Whether you require touch up parking lot repairs or need more in depth services like parking lot removal for your airport, we can help.

Neighborhoods and Subdivisions

Good quality roads are an economic factor for neighborhoods and subdivisions. They protect property assets and improve the quality of life for the individuals who call the area home. As a professional paving contractor, we take pride in developing paving solutions that improve the value of neighborhoods throughout Fayetteville NC.

Townhomes and Apartments

When potholes and pavement cracks start to eat away at your parking lot, it’s time to turn to a professional paving contractor. Our crew will come to your townhome and apartment complex and provide parking lot repairs to improve the value of your space. We take a detailed approach, leaving no crack unfilled. Contact us for a free estimate for your townhome or apartment parking lot repair.

Generalized Commercial Business Solutions

Whether you own a doctor’s’ office or require assistance with a large new construction paving project, our crew can help. As a commercial paving company, we stay focused on delivering exceptional results regardless of your needs. From small repairs to major overhauls, you can turn to NC Asphalt Paving in Fayetteville NC for all your asphalt paving and repair needs.

Facts about Fayetteville NC

We’ve been fortunate enough to serve the area for several years, but there is so much more to this city than meets the eye. Natural beauty, arts, shopping and entertainment, along with rich history await explorers of this area.

  • Fayetteville NC is one of thirteen Fayetteville’s in the United States.
  • Putt-Putt golf originated in Fayetteville NC.
  • Babe Ruth hit his very first home run as a professional baseball player here.
  • Human beings have lived in what’s called Fayetteville for over 12,000 years, today the area is home to nearly 300,000 people.
  • Julianne Moore, a 4 time Oscar-nominated actress, was born and raised in the Fayetteville area.

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