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Jacksonville NC Asphalt Paving

NC Asphalt Paving provides expert asphalt paving services for Residential and Commercial Clients throughout Jacksonville North Carolina and beyond to the cities of Charlotte, Concord, Cary, Raleigh, Fayetteville, Durham and others.  Contact us if your location is not mention- chances are great we can provide service.  

North Carolina Asphalt Paving provides paving services to Commercial, Industrial, Small Businesses Owners, and Homeowners alike.  Services, at a fair cost, offered to Homeowners are Driveway repairs, New Installs, grading for storm runoff, resurfacing and application of protective sealcoat.  And, for Commercial Clients: Large or small parking lot installs, repairs, resurfacing (budget friendly alternative to a complete removal), sealcoat application, safe traffic flow pavement markings and road repairs or installs for subdivisions and apartment complexes.

We also offer Asphalt paving services for specialized pavements, such as tennis and basketball courts, playgrounds and bike and nature paths.

You will not find another Local Asphalt Paving Contractor that will perform services cheaper than we will- yet keep all repairs and new builds strictly to government code and Industry standards.  Give us a chance to prove how budget friendly we are- contact us now.

Jacksonville NC Asphalt Repairs Free Estimate

The high cost of Concrete pavement approximately 50% greater than Asphalt and more complex repairs is greater drain on valuable income resources than Asphalt pavement.  Asphalt is the Commercial and Residential material of choice for parking lots, roads, driveways and sidewalks because its durable, easily fixed, affordable and never ends up in a dump- instead its recycled. 

Our potential clients can be assured that the asphalt pavement project quotes are accomplished by senior managers or the owner.  This is to ensure that all possible cost saving approaches have been explored and rated for positives versus any negatives by only the most experienced Asphalt Pavers.

NC Asphalt Paving Staff Strengths

Cutting corners during installation for example, using a poor grade of asphalt mix, not laying a deep enough gravel base and not compacting layers properly is not what we do.  All NC Asphalt pavers have completed company training in correct asphalt paving installation or repair and the common errors that cause them to fail prematurely.

Retaining talented pavers is an absolute for us to provide quality long lasting asphalt paving services. North Carolina Asphalt Paving has employee advantages in place- our skilled asphalt pavers are paid living wages, offered educational opportunities, and rewarded with fulfilling advancement in the Company.  Everyone, at NC Asphalt Paving are eager to win a potential client’s trust to provide honest affordable paving services.    the Asphalt Paving Services we offer:

 The Asphalt Paving Services we offer:

Jacksonville NC Best Cost Parking Lot Repairs

The first impression a customer or client has of your business is your parking lot.  If it’s a mess with potholes and crumbling pavement that makes seniors fearful of a fall or women with high heels, they may pass your service and pick the next one down the road with a well-maintained parking lot.

Smaller Cracks in a parking lot can be quickly and easily repair with a rubberized asphalt emulsion crack repair filler.  Potholes require preparation such as cleaning out the loose debris, smoothing the ragged edges then applying the patch correctly.  We also repair pavement upheaval, and ponding. Businesses should be aware of that most personal injury lawsuits had their beginnings in a parking lot.  Plus, ugly parking lots seem to encourage public dumping which adds to the eyesore.

Contact us today and schedule a free estimate for parking lot repair- we work quickly at the highest standards.  Our crew offers professional paving contractor solutions at superior rates.

Jacksonville Best Cost Parking Lot Resurface

We can resurface an ailing parking lot into a robust, long lasting and attractive parking lot that offer drivers a quick easy park and safe trip into your store or office.  Sidewalks and well-marked crossings can be designed to help drive and encourage foot traffic to your door. Give us the opportunity to show how affordable it is to preserve the value, appeal and integrity of your property with a free, no commitments parking lot inspection.

Parking Lot Resurfacing is a more affordable way to restore parking lots that are oxidized light grey in color and contains substantial cracking- yet its subbase remains strong.  A parking lot removal and rebuild is more expensive because it’s the total destruction of pavement and gravel subbase removal.  Basically, Resurfacing is shaving off the parking lot’s top damaged layer of asphalt through various methods such as milling or grinding and then repaving a new asphalt layer on top.  Milling or grinding is accomplished with massive highway vehicles that have rollers with teeth that breakup the top damaged layer of asphalt, capture it and haul it to the asphalt plant.  

Our Clients who opted to do a resurface are thrilled with a like new parking lot, had at such an affordable cost.

Jacksonville NC: Fair Cost Parking Lot Installs

NC Asphalt Paving has decades of experience servicing asphalt parking lots. This equates to creative practical designs that considers land site, intended users’ unique needs (medical parks versus shopping malls), using highest quality materials, skilled time management and no cost overruns.

A pleasing building will be overshadowed by an ill-conceived parking lot that moves traffic poorly. For example, Parking lanes ending abruptly without a turnabout, entrance hampered by exiting turning vehicles, unexpected odd shaped empty spaces that end up as made-up parking spots, light poles or signs sharing the same parking space and others.  We have all driven in such parking lots and afterwards tend to avoid them in the future.  Consultation with a successful and experienced asphalt paver will turn the designed parking lot into a practical positive tool that will help motorists quickly find unoccupied parking spots, provide safe pedestrian passage and easily retrieve vehicles to exit swiftly.   

We know North Carolina code requirements and can advise you of problems that impact your New Parking Lot that may have been over looked.  

NC Asphalt Paving has also worked with airports and runways in achieving a quality result. We’ve assisted countless companies with complete refurbish projects that required asphalt milling and grinding.

If you’re looking for commercial paving contractor to resurface, seal, or repair your commercial property we are the right fit. Contact our team today for a free paving estimate, or to set up an estimate for your project. We’re happy to help.

Parking Lot Sealcoating Protects

Asphalt pavement starts to decay as soon as it’s laid. This causes the pavement to lose flexibility, turning the once black color to grey as the binder (black glue) wears away. UV rays of the Sun, rain, frost and high temperature, all, will increase the rate of oxidization.

Parking Lot Sealcoating increases resistance to vehicle fluid spills (gas, oil…), slows oxidation from the Sun to a crawl, resists water penetration and pavement cleaning is easier.  Sealcoating an asphalt parking lot every 2 to 3 years and repairing cracks increases its durability to almost double its original lifespan.  

Jacksonville, NC Budget Driveway Repairs

The Driveway is a substantial part of the home’s part of the home’s view that can’t be overlook and consequently does have quite an impact on curb appeal. A cracked, Pockmarked and weed infested asphalt driveway besides being ugly is an example of poor maintenance- definitely a red herring to homebuyers. When the driveway does not provide a smooth place to park, puts cars out of alignment and worse yet an elderly visitor might take a tumble. Please, ask NC Asphalt Paving to complementary offer an estimate on an economical driveway repair and stop imaging outrageous estimates.  It’s highly possible that a minor repair will be sufficient to return the driveway to a serviceability that will last many years.  

Don’t pay too much for asphalt paving services. Consultations with at least 3 professional local asphalt pavers is the best way to compare costs and methods.  NC Asphalt Paving carries high hopes that we’ll stand out as the most detailed and fair cost proposal you’ll receive.

Jacksonville, NC Driveway Resurfacing

Resurfacing an Asphalt driveway is a great economical option for property owners or homeowners on a tight budget when a total replacement is not needed yet crack repairs are too numerous to be attempted.  Resurfacing a driveway means removing the top layer or two depending on the damage then replacing with new asphalt pavement.  For example, if your driveway has a lot of surface pitting or has faded from its deep black color yet maintains a strong subbase then a resurfacing will extend its functional life and renew its beauty.

Cost Effective Driveway Sealcoating 

Asphalt pavement that makes up roads and driveways is a mixture of 95% crushed gravel and sand held together with 5% asphalt cement or black glue which is why as your driveway oxidizes with age it crumbles into gravel and sand.  Sealcoating your driveway will reduce the rate of oxidization allowing for a longer functioning lifespan.

When you ask NC Asphalt Paving to complementary inspect your driveway, we’ll advise a specific sealant product that will meet the unique needs of your driveway.  Sealcoating, when properly done, fills and smoothies surface cracks and minor pitting. This reproduces a like new surface where dirt and debris easily wash off.  When we sealcoat your driveway, it will retain its good serviceability longer than anything you can buy in the big box store.  Most Asphalt paving Industry specialists suggest driveway sealcoating every 2 to 3 years.

Meant to Last Asphalt Driveway Installation

NC Asphalt Paving stays determined to provide the most affordable (yet strictly built to code) asphalt driveway installation services in Jacksonville North Carolina and nearby cities.  NC Asphalt Paving has been building asphalt driveways for decades to meet the unique needs of each homeowner.  Our intention is to build driveways that are affordable, of excellent workmanship, long lasting, and easy to maintain. We have crew leaders checking work often to make sure of proper grading, subbase is solid and of correct depth, asphalt mix looks to be the right consistency, proper temperature and compaction is expertly done ending in a smooth finish.

NC Asphalt Paving new driveway installation proposals give you the tools you need to decide if we’re offering the most cost effective and appropriate driveway installation to provide years of problem free service as compared to competitors.

 Jacksonville NC Driveway Maintenance

Driveway damage cracks, potholes, pitting and fissures should be fixed as soon as possible.  The damage will open pathways for water to slip into the subbase and increase the rate of deterioration.  Sealcoating your asphalt driveway periodically will protect it from deterioration from stormy weather, UV rays (sunlight) extending its life expectancy.

Asphalt Paths, Tennis & Basketball Courts

NC Asphalt Paving offers specialized paving services for Tennis and Basketball courts and bike and walking paths.  Each asphalt pavement project has its unique requirements that must be implemented by the honest contractor for the pavement to have a long functional life. 

Honest Commercial Paving Services: 

Airport Runway & Parking Lots Repaired

Airport Runways need constant care to make sure those long approaches stay smooth and level to help airplanes reach the sky and touch back down in safety. The airport parking lot is a large flat area of asphalt that rain tends to puddle on and UV’s ray beat down, generally, without any kind of shade trees.  Proper regular maintenance will keep the airport running smoothly without large areas having to be replace every few years.

Services for Neighborhood and Subdivision Roads

The Economic success of planned communities depends on Beautiful high-quality roads to attract buyers.  Plus, HOA’s have the responsibility to keep the roadways in good shape or they will soon face the displeasure of its members.  Contact us and we’ll quickly take care of all pavement problems.           

TownHomes & Apartment Quality Repair Parking Lots

When Potholes in your troubled parking lot start ruining the alignment on your tenant’s cars, they’ll soon begin complaining- perhaps lining up in the leasing office.  No worries, contact Hero Mold Company and we’ll patch those potholes quickly to stop the rising tempers. 


Interesting Facts about Jacksonville City

As a professional paving company, we have served the Jacksonville City community for several years. The vibrant neighborhoods and friendly people have made it one of our favorite places to work. Here are a few facts about this lovely area you may not know about.

  • Jacksonville City enjoys natures most lovely views as it’s situated smack dab in the middle of the Blue Ridge and Great Smoky Mountains.
  • Many sports from soccer to baseball to golf and more are enjoyed here, all thanks to its mild climate and avid sports fans.
  • Jacksonville is home to some 75,000 residents.
  • There are tons of museums and theaters to visit and enjoy throughout the city.

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